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About me



I am Ernestas, freelance designer, illustrator, animator, creative person.
I create explainer videos and 2D animation, ads, illustrations, logo design.
In this kind of freelance business I am for 7 years now.

From a casual conversation about complex subject
to product presentation on a website...

...I like when things are understandable and looks nice!

In addition to that, I love great customer support.

​Actually, don't we all?

That is why I do what I do and that's why I am a freelancer.

I help to explain and present using design, which in the end, helps to sell.
Also, while working with a freelancer,
you may experience more effective and pleasant communication,
rather than a distant and complex one.
(what you may sometimes experience with a studio or agency)

I may help you solve your idea and design related problems.
If you would like to work together - let me know!

I am based in Lithuania,
but most of my clients are from all around the world.

Earth and Space
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