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The process starts by analyzing client’s requests, product or service, goals, Q&A’s that the client fills in.
Discussing your benefits, target, market, deadline, how your production solves pain points.

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The script is the foundation of a great explainer video and this step will require the most attention from the clients. It is also the stage that determines the length of the video.
The script consists of two parts: voiceover script and brief action script.
Idea invented also provides few sketchy frames for a style and direction confirmation.
Before we move onto storyboard and voiceover, the voice script must be signed off by the client.

Explainers process_3.png

While proceeding to the storyboard stage we manage the voiceover.
Voiceover talent is hand-picked based on project fit and talent. Voiceovers can be in different accents or languages as per the client’s needs. When we upload the audio file for you to listen you are able to request revision if needed.

Explainers process_4.png

After the concept and script are approved by you, we’ll sketch out the storyboard with the finalized action script. After the sketchy storyboard is approved we will proceed to final illustrations. The storyboard process helps us make sure the visual style and story are matching your vision and expectation. We will make effort to stay in line with your philosophy and identity. When completed, we share with you the storyboard so you can provide comments if any.

Explainers process_5.png

Illustrations are animated based on the storyboard and paced on the voiceover. When completed, we share with you the video so you can provide comments if any. Also we add a hand-picked music track that matches the video idea and tempo. You can ask to change the track until we will find the best match.

Explainers process_6.png

After the finishing touches have been made to the video, our professional sound designer adds sound effects to bring your explainer video to life, maximizing the interest of your audience. When completed, we share with you the video so you can provide comments if any.

Explainers process_7.png

Upon your final approval, we’ll deliver your polished video explainer in the highest quality format.
The video is now all set to be published online and push your clients through the final stage of your sales funnel by presenting and explaining your product or service clearly.
Usually, whole process may take around 2-4 weeks for 1-2 minutes video. But it highly depends on animation complexity, communication speed and effectiveness in the first phases.

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